Men's style: 5 Ways to Wear Black Jeans and Black Shirt

Black is boring. Black is for funeral. Black makes you look like a waiter from a fancy restaurant.

If you read these time-worn gospels and think: "No, no, no, that is just wrong!" — join the club! You are in the right place.

From Rolling Stones' melancholic "Paint it Black" to Muse's borderline seductive "Supermassive Black Hole" — nothing is more classic and classy than black.

Some (and by "some" we sure mean scientists) might argue that black is not even a colour, but rather an absence thereof: like the black of the cosmic voids.

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.

But black is definitely a statement.

The symbolism behind black has been changing throughout epochs: the colour of grief, the colour of mystery, the colour of danger, rebellion, power, sophistication.

But, no matter what, it remains: manly, stylish and timeless.

The only downside of black is when you own a white shedding cat. Then you are in trouble.

#1 — Classy: Men's Black Shirt with Black Jeans

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A classic shirt is a multifunctional fashion item. Wear it buttoned-up — and you create a reserved, enigmatic image; or unbuttoned at the neck — and there you are: breezy, spontaneous, enchained by no rules.

Choose skinny-fit jeans for men if you like it tight, or slim-fit if you like it comfy.

But in any case, do not keep the shirt tucked in!

This combination can be complemented by black leather Chelsea boots or men's black leather moccasins (in the latter case, please lose the socks!) for a classy look, or with black Chuck Tailors for a more relaxed impression.

#2 — Urban: Black Jeans with Contrasting Shirt for men

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Add some spice: modify the black look with men's shirt of a different colour.

Wear a men's black jeans or black shirt with a pair of white sneakers, or with light brown suede Chelsea boots and a matching belt.

Alternatively, use vibrantly-coloured shirt studs or watch to add a subtle detail.

Choose ankle-length or rolled-up jeans for a more buoyant image.

Substitute the shirt with a black slim-fit t-shirt on a sweltering day.

Or, if you want to try something different, here’s an idea: try on a pair of black cargo pants — to mix some urban ninja zest into your style.

#3 — Dressy: Men's Black Jeans with Black T-shirt

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You know those days when your all-time favourite sandwich just does not taste right?

Or when you look at your much-loved black shirt and realise that you two are just not meant for each other?

Not today, at least.

No big deal.

Substitute the black shirt for men with a black blazer for a dressier look or on a cooler day.

Your faithful black shirt will be there, on a hanger, waiting for you to come back to her.

#4 — Smart Casual: Men's Black Shirt with White Pants

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While black jeans is the go-to article of clothing in most situations, sometimes they are just not acceptable, or at least not recommendable: on hot summer days and resort beaches.

Substitute black jeans with white pants for a smarter look.

Choose a pair with a fine pattern — to avoid looking like a member of hospitality staff.

#5 — Night Out: Test Your Limits

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A night out: now that is the place and time to experiment.

Whether you choose to wear a white t-shirt underneath the men's black shirt (and lose the shirt when things in the club get too hot), or a floral black shirt, remember: what ultimately matters is to wear it with confidence.

Make it count.

Bonus Idea To Hack Your Personal Style

Don't forget to add some stylish men's jewelry and accessories to your look.

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Did you like these men's style looks?

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