Men's Fitness Look: White Sleeveless T-Shirt, Black Trousers and Black Sneakers

To a true style-minded man it's important to be in good looks no matter where he is.

For an outfit to look really dashing, a man has to go to a gym in order to have a beautiful body.

But what's to be worn when working out?

Check this stylish fitness look from Bruno Martins Instagram.

Today's style hero:

  • Bruno Martins – renowned male model, men's fashion and style blogger, and influencer;
  • The number of Bruno's followers on Instagram is approaching 50K – @brunomartins71.

Main look elements:

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Men's Black Cap

Men's Black Cap

A cap will be helpful during a workout for the sweat not to stain your face.

It's known that there are a great number of the types of caps, including flat caps, German M-43 style field caps, baseball caps, Coppola caps, etc.

A baseball cap will be surely the most appropriate variant for our purpose.

White Sleeveless T-shirt

Men's White Sleeveless T-shirt

A sleeveless T-Shirt will be the best option to provide you with the necessary convenience and freedom of movement.

When working out, you need first of all comfortable and lightweight clothing so you can focus on exercises.

A white cotton sleeveless T-Shirt will do fine.

Men's Black Trousers (Shorts)

Men's Black Trousers

Short trousers are probably the most convenient garment for working out.

Of course, they can be worn not only in a gym – they are an excellent item of clothing for being worn in hot weather.

Black short trousers will look stylish with your white sleeveless T-Shirt and black sneakers.

Choose trousers made of natural fabrics – those made from 100% cotton will be good for your body.

Synthetic fabrics are unhealthy for skin that is sweating.

Black Sneakers

Men's Black Sneakers

Sneakers are undoubtedly the best type of shoes for doing sports.

Decide on the most convenient sneakers for you so you can work out as freely as possible and without being distracted because of some discomfort.

Black Fitness Gloves

Men's Black Fitness Gloves

Some exercises in a gym require wearing fitness gloves.

They are needed for you to prevent corns on your palms and fingers.

Black fitness gloves will be in tune with your cap, short trousers, and sneakers.

Red Fitness Water Bottle

Red Fitness Water Bottle

During intense workouts, you are certain to be thirsty.

Moreover, drinking water is known to be necessary in cases of high physical exercise.

For perfectly completing your look, add to it a red fitness water bottle, which will blend with the rest of the outfit splendidly.

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