Brutal bow in a men's outfit combination of light gray sweater and ripped jeans with optional accessories

Modern men are not less than women want to look stylish and attractive.

Today, fashion is a mixture of different styles that have appeared and developed over a very long time.

The combination of light-gray things in a man's image will emphasize the brutality of a man, but at the same time softness and sensuality of character.

In addition, additional accessories will emphasize your individuality. Overall small details is very important in modern men's outfit

Today's style hero:

  • Rowan Row has about 965k followers on Instagram – @rowanrow.

The main elements of a street style's outfit for men:

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Men's light grey sweater

Light grey sweater for men

A warm gray sweater is a common clothing for men.

It is chosen as a warm and decorative detail.

The sweater not only keeps warm, but also maintains a beautiful style.

Gray seems familiar, but here it is complemented with dark glasses and decorative men's accessories in gray.

Men's grey ripped jeans

Men's grey ripped jeans

Light gray and gray ripped jeans are a win-win ensemble if you are looking for a light, but at the same time stylish, masculine outfit look.

Thinking you add a touch of rigor here?

Sunglasses are exactly what you need. Such a simple and comfortable combination of things like the guys who like to spend their days actively.

Men's white sneakers

Men's white sneakers

White sneakers are versatile footwear that looks stylish with many classic things, as well as trendy novelties.

In addition, you can find your perfect pair in the collection of any brand and in any price range.

Jeans and white sneakers seem to be made for each other in this outfit for men.

Such a pair of shoes will look especially advantageous with jeans of gray shades.

Men's steampunk sunglasses

Men's steampunk sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the favorite accessories of men and women.

They are used not only during the day, but also in the evening at any time of the year, because for many people they have become an integral part of the image.

Men's steel necklace

Men's steel necklace

Men's jewelry has always existed.

But today are relevant as never before.

Minimalism is the secret of success in this case.

Men's steel bracelet

Men's steel bracelet

Men's bracelets made of steel compete with gold and silver jewelry, and they look no less stylish.

The use of additional details will be the final touch to the men's outfit, therefore, consciously approach its formation.

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