Men's spring style: street fashion ideas for a stylish man

Street outfit it's not just workout clothes but thought through outfit details and accessories.

While going out to the city think about how you represent yourself to others.

A common person usually notices that a stylish looking man always seem more attractive and confident.

A great example is social network's Instagram model Stefan John Turner who shows various examples and outfit ideas on his account @stefanjohnturner to 44.7k audience.

By this article we want you to pay attention to his outfit example.

The main elements of a street style's outfit:

Accessories that match the outfit:

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Men's beige coat

Beige coat for men

You should know that beige color is universal: it suits men and women.

It's recommended to wear a coat like this during the spring time when light colors start to be 'in' again.

Pay attention to black coat's buttons – they provide the outfit with more contrast and brings life to the overall look.

We remind you that it's not necessary buttoning them up because the sense of freedom is common in a street fashion.

This kind of coat is a great choice during the warmer seasons.

Men's white striped shirt

Men's white striped shirt

A good looking street outfit is characterized not only by the sense of freedom but by a little bit of formality as well.

White shirt will help you look more solid and not so casual.

In order to white color not to look too boring you should choose some kind of a pattern.

In this case it's tasteful vertical stripes.

They don't ruin the overall look because they are small and not so contrasting.

Keep in mind that even the subtlest details can cardinally change the whole outfit.

Men's blue steamed jeans

Men's blue steamed jeans

Blue steamed jeans are a great outfit choice while matching your street style look.

The steaming of a jeans material makes them seem more playful which doesn't commit you to look too formal while walking in the city's streets.

Also, you can choose looser jeans instead now so trendy skinny jeans due to that they are more comfortable.

We advise you to pick comfortable jeans because you have to walk around a city a lot.

Remember that a style is not everything.

Even the most stylish clothes will look terrible if a man will feel trapped in them.

Men's white Converse sneakers

Men's white Converse sneakers

Sneakers are a great choice when you have to walk around the city.

They are shoes which are not only comfortable but stylish as well.

The white color of the sneakers will perfectly match with the white shirt and light colors of a coat and jeans.

It's impossible to imagine street style without sneakers.

But it doesn't mean that sneakers should look dirty and worn out.

Never forget that even a style mistake like that can ruin the overall look.

Men's rings

Men's rings

You probably already have an impression that street fashion is open enough for various details of an outfit so it's not necessary to limit yourself to only one ring.

It'll bring life to the overall look even more.

This outfit can match with silver colored stainless steel rings with black stone or some kind of a pattern decoration.

Don't be afraid and boldly choose massive rings, they'll bring more personality to the overall outfit.

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