Men's style: an outfit for modern and brave man

It's not hard to be stylish as a man.

Today we picked an interesting outfit idea illustrated by picture examples just for you. This outfit is meant to be worn by men who are modern, dashing and bold.

Our inspiration is a popular Slovak model and blogger Adrian Zimmermann.

Today's style hero:

  • Adrian Zimmermann โ€“ popular Slovak vlogger, model, fitness and healthy life ambassador;
  • Has more than 24.7k followers on Instagram โ€“ @adrian_zimmermann.

The main details of this outfit:

Men's accessories which spice up the outfit:

Image source:

Beige men's coat

Beige men's coat

A coat is a classic top clothing layer which gives qualities like manliness and solidity to the overall man's look.

What kind of man should choose this beige coat?

We recommend that this bright coat should be chosen by a man who is bold and modern as well as not afraid to experiment with his style and take risks in general.

Men's white shirts

Men's white shirts

Men's white shirt is one of the most universal clothing items due to that it easily matches with other men's clothing and gives a peculiar strict look to a general outfit.

Men's white shirt is a classic clothing item. The shirt of this colour looks great worn under the coat or jacket.

What's more, while choosing to wear white shirt it's likely that mistakes of colour matching will be avoided.

We have found a great choice for you โ€“ a clothing combination which includes the matching of white shirt and blue jeans.

Ripped skinny men's jeans

Ripped skinny men's jeans

Jeans are an universal men's clothing item. It is suitable to wear them during the free time or while working. Every man should have at least one pair of well-fitting jeans in his closet.

A short reminder for men:

  • Slim fit jeans are most suitable for men who have slim or well-trained physique.
  • Regular fit jeans are most suitable for men who have an average body type.
  • Relaxed fit or loose fit jeans are most suitable for men who are of thick body type.

As it is shown in the example, skinny jeans are suitable for all men's body types: they perfectly fit in all strategically important body parts, improving the body shape and the length of legs.

Men's brown boots

Men's brown boots

Men's brown leather boots meant to wear during the winter time.

Boots are one of the most universal and comfortable attributes of cold weather.

Also, these men's boots are one of the best and most universal choices to make while matching with men's skinny jeans.

We chose and interesting clothing combination of brown boots and blue jeans just for you.

Men's brown leather belt

Men's brown leather belt

A belt is an universal men's accessory which unfortunately is forgotten by men.

We believe it's important to always keep in mind that a well-chosen belt could be a great attribute of a man's image and outfit.

We chose an interesting belt model just for you. This brown leather belt should match perfectly with these men's boots and jeans.

Men's bracelet

Men's bracelet

A bracelet is one of the most popular nowadays men's accessories which is used by all men around the world in order to spice up their outfit.

A well-chosen bracelet could be an outstanding attribute of a man's image and outfit.

We picked some interesting men's bracelets that could match the outfit shown earlier.

Men's necklace

Men's necklace

Necklace is another attribute of modern men's style and image which catches people's attention and makes a man exclusive.

This accessory makes people curious about it and catches additional attention to your persona.

If you aren't afraid of additional attention, you can boldly choose this modern accessory.

We chose some interesting men's necklaces which could match the outfit shown earlier.

Men's ring

Men's ring

A ring is one of the oldest attributes of men's jewellery.

A ring could not only be a jewellery but also a symbol which shows specific and unique men's qualities.

We chose some interesting rings for men which could match the outfit shown earlier.

Did you like this look?

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