Men’s Style Guide: How to Wear Bracelets

Nowadays bracelets became one of the most important things not just in a women’s wear but in men’s fashion too.

With a long and interesting history these accesories had a few upgrades and we can’t imagine our outfits to be finished without them.

Obviously with such variety of bracelets the choice is not so obvious.

That’s why we’ve made this guide to show you the tips, which will help you choose the best bracelet that suits your style and personality.

The Key points of guide:

  1. Is it normal and masculine for a man to wear a bracelet?
  2. Some arguments why you should wear a men’s bracelet
  3. What type and style of bracelet to choose?
  4. A few tips to avoid the most common mistakes
  5. Some ideas: what to combine a bracelet with?
  6. Where can you buy a stylish men’s bracelet?

1. Is it normal and masculine for a man to wear a bracelet?

One of the most popular stereotypes about men is that they’re too masculine to wear bracelets and obviously this is totally a myth.

Adding a bracelet makes your outfit look completed and also doesn’t draw attention from the outfit itself.

Image source: Men’s Bracelet with a Crown from Black Matte Beads

Men have been wearing different types of bracelets for centuries.

Every powerful men starting from Egyptian Tutankhamun and ending with Roman senators were wearing bracelets, which were symbols of their power and authority.

2. Some arguments why you should wear a men’s bracelet

First of all, bracelet will add some uniqueness to your outfit, it will help you stand out from the others and leave an impression of someone who has a great sense of fashion.

Secondly, men bracelet can be a metaphor for something.

Image source: Men’s Bracelet from Leather and Stainless Steel

For example, wearing a specific bracelet can symbolize your authority and high position.

Moreover, bracelet is definitely an eye-catching detail, it will add an extra charm to every men, regardless of age, nationality and other traits.

3. What type and style of bracelet to choose?

First thing that we need to mention is that everything depends on your personal style and you should be looking for the bracelet that will suit you and your personality.

Don’t choose some eye-catching and extra pieces, unless you want all of the attention on you. It can also make everything else including you look plain and people will only remember some bright sparkling things instead of the person.

Bracelets are meant to bring out your best features and not draw all the attention on it. Bracelet and outfit have to complement each other and we’re going to show you how to choose it right.

Basically, we picked up 5 different styles which differ from each other to show what compliments each best.

3.1. Casual Style

Casual Style

Casual style is basically a combination of modern trends and comfort.

Most men prefer exactly this style because it is on the one hand simple and comfortable and on the other hand, it looks stylish and trendy.

These following bracelets will help you accessorize an outfit with a matching set. They will look great with a jean jacket and also with a coat.

3.2. Young Rebel Style

Young Rebel Style

This style is typical for young men or teenagers.

It is associated with youth, freedom and confidence, which means the most valuable objects for this style are bombers, leather jackets, shirts with prints and long sleeves.

We’ve picked some bracelets which are common with young rebel style and can pick one of them for yourself to make your look more interesting.

3.3. Rock Star Style

Rock Star Style

Becoming a true rock-star means more than just breaking guitars on the stage, be controversial on your performances and having an audacious lifestyle.

It also means to have your own unique style, which needs to be memorable and groundbreaking in a way.

Following items will help you with that and will become a distinctive part not just of your outfits, but of your creations too.

3.4. Men’s Modern Style

Men’s Modern Style

Skinny jeans, denim shirts, beanies…

These are just some items of clothes that you’ll need in this style. It is a combination of classic style and modern rebel style.

As far as we’re concerned, the right choice of accessory will add some spiciness to the outfit: it will refresh simple sometimes dull look that everyone expects you to wear.

3.5. Solid Man Style

Solid Man Style

Tired of basic colors in business style?

Don’t worry, we have some bracelets to bring some variety to your boring outfit.

Your business partners will be absolutely amazed by new accessory which will not just refresh your suit, but also emphasize your power and authority and will also make them respect and admire you.

4. A few tips to avoid the most common mistakes

4.1. Keep your wrist and bracelet in proportion

If your wrist is less than 18 cm (7.1″) and you wear a size “S/M” (medium size/less) we do not recommend to wear too massive or too loose hanging bracelets.

Image source: Men’s Brown Bracelet Suitable for engraving

If your wrist is wider than 18 cm (7.1″) and you wear size “L” (large size/wider) or bigger, we do not recommend you to wear too small or too tight bracelets.

4.2. Do not wear too many bracelets at once

We highly recommend you to go with one bracelet, if you are going to wear it in formal setting (for example in office).

That way you are going to stay stylish and professional at the same time.

In addition, it will help you avoid unwanted staring from your colleges and stay focused on work.

You can experiment with two bracelets creating “Men’s Casual Style” in your free time.

Or you can combine two bracelets if you are going to the party and want some attention.

Image source: Men’s Black and Silver Two Bracelet Set

Combining and wearing 3 and more bracelets is risky for your look and can make your outfit tasteless.

So we recommend you to experiment with this style only if you are a fan of “Rock-Star Style” or you are just completely confident with yourself and the way you look and you like to surprise people with your extraordinary outfits.

4.3. Avoid cheap and low-quality bracelets

Usually, men are wearing bracelets to emphasize their style and position.

So if you are wearing some cheap bracelet what kind of impression will you make on others, especially women?

Stylish and high-quality bracelet will cost you from 30 to 50 dollars. So don’t be stingy!

Image source: Men’s Stylish Leather Bracelet with Golden Colored Decorations

You will not find a gold bracelet for that price, but there are some other choices that will look even better than the gold ones.

4.4. Choose the bracelet to go along with the main theme of your look

Bracelets should not look fussy, it should be an addition to your outfit, which will make it look put together.

Bracelet should be like the icing on the cake — elegant but not ostentatious.

As far as this guide is written towards beginners, we assume that it could be helpful to anyone who is just learning how to create their own style and combine bracelets with it.

And if you’re not an expert we would like to recommend you starting your own journey to your own style by checking out our examples:

5. Some ideas: what to combine a bracelet with?

Following examples will be a great starting point.

You will thank us later, just after you’ll hear a million of compliments on how good you look.

5.1. A combination of men's accessories: Bracelet + Pendant + Ring

Men’s accessories combination: Bracelet + Pendant + Ring

This combination will not only make your outfit look stylish, but also will add some character to it.

We made a special example which shows that wearing a lot of accessories will not ruin your outfit, but will make it more special and rare.

And the black color will only help you with that.

5.2. A combination of men's accessories: Belt + Ring + Bracelets

Men’s accessories combination: bracelets + Belt + Ring

This combination is also a winning one.

All you need is to choose the right belt, which will not deflect attention from your pants.

Plus, the ring should be not a massive one. Also all of the accessories should be the same color.

Here you can see the best combination we made specifically for you.

5.3. A combination of men's accessories: Watch + Bracelet

Men’s accessories combination: Watch + Bracelet

So this is probably one of the most beautiful and classic combination.

One of the benefits in this combination is that you can wear not just one, but two bracelets at the same time.

Also big role is the color — choosing the black will be the best option, you can get by clicking here.

5.4. A combination of men's accessories: Bracelet + Necklace

Men’s accessories combination: Bracelet + Necklace

So this option is obviously the basic one. You can combine the bracelet with a different types of necklaces.

The very simple rule is that they should not be massive and extraordinary.

Just a thin elegant necklace will add some extra attractiveness to your outfit and here you can watch our compilation.

5.5. A combination of men's accessories: Bracelet + Ring

Men’s accessories combination: Bracelet + Ring

The most classic and yet still the most preferable combination for every types of men style.

If you don’t like the idea of wearing many accessories, you will definitely like this simple way of styling your outfit at the beginning until you get more comfortable with it.

It is one of the ways to look much more expensive in real life.

6. Where Can You Buy a Stylish Men’s Bracelet?

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The End of the guide.

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