Menswear Winter/Autumn Style Combination: Gray Coat, Black Turtleneck, Black Jeans And Black Chelsea Boots

At present, men’s style and the choice of certain clothes have become no less relevant than women’s.

Representatives of the stronger sex are actively striving to match the appearance of their beautiful companions, so they try to look stylish and spectacular.

A stylish bow for the autumn-winter season will help men in this endeavor, which will not only make the stronger sex the most fashionable in the coming season, but also will not leave them without increased attention from the fair sex.

Today’s style hero:

  • Nuno Antunes – Portuguese male model, men’s fashion content creator, fitness and healthy life enthusiast;
  • Nuno has about 80 thousand followers on Instagram – @nunoantunes_.

Today’s Men’s Style Combination:

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The main elements of the outfit:

Men's accessories which spice up the outfit:

#1 – Men’s Gray Coat

Men’s Gray Coat

Express your personality and look stylish, and not so simple.

The main fashion trends are available to everyone, but not everyone can realize the trends in their own image.

A coat is a unique thing that can be combined with anything.

Some men neglect this garment, but do it in vain.

If you think that a coat is relevant only for women, then you are mistaken!

A coat with jeans is an easy way to look stylish this autum/winter.

A grey men’s coat is a practical and convenient wardrobe item that allows you to create incredibly effective images.

This item can be successfully combined with classic business, as well as with everyday and even sportswear.

#2 – Men’s Black Turtleneck

Men’s Black Turtleneck

Men’s black turtleneck is a measure-fitting knitted or knitted jumper with a high collar.

This piece of clothing is basic, has not gone out of fashion for many decades and, depending on other elements of the image, may look like a retro style detail, and ultramodern, and completely neutral.

A properly selected turtleneck guarantees elegance combined with maximum comfort, and in addition, it can perfectly correct some of the features of the appearance.

#3 – Men’s Slim Fit Black Jeans

Men's Black Jeans

Nowadays it is really, difficult to imagine a man who does not have at least one pair of jeans in his wardrobe.

Men’s black jeans are a practical alternative to familiar blue denim pants.

Modern manufacturers of men’s clothing offer a wide selection of jeans of different models, among which everyone can choose the best option for themselves.

Classic jeans, according to stylists, should be in the wardrobe of every man, regardless of age and style, which he adheres to.

This style is not at all outdated; moreover, black pants can very well become the basic thing.

#4 – Men’s Black Chelsea Boots

Men's Black Chelsea Boots

Shoes for many men are a very important element of the wardrobe, which should always be in perfect condition.

Beautiful and stylish Black Chelsea Boots speak about the status of a man, about his attitude to life and taste.

Wearing fashionable shoes, a man feels confident, and women do not take their eyes off him.

Genuine leather is one of the most preferred shoe materials for men’s shoes.

This is not surprising, since the skin has wear-resistant qualities, it is easy to care for, and it allows you to maintain the status of a business and serious man.

Chelsea Boots are shoes that completely cover the ankle.

The classic version is made of genuine leather, and as a fastener they have ordinary laces.

They can withstand both rainy autumn weather and cold winter weather.

#5 – Men's Black Belt

Men's Black Belt

At the disposal of men there is a small number of accessories with which you can diversify the look.

The most popular of them is the belt.

Can I do without a belt?

The rule is this: if your pants have loops and your shirt is tucked in, put on a belt.

According to the rules of the business dress code, men are required to supplement the suit with a belt every time, at least when they are sent to a meeting or negotiations.

A belt is optional when you wear your shirt over or a belt area is covered by something else.

It happens that on some trousers there are no loops at all – in this case the belt will be just superfluous.

#6 – Men’s Gray Strap Watch

Men’s Gray Strap Watch

Men have already become accustomed to leather watchbands, so a leather bracelet is a relatively simple step into the world of “banding”.

If you are afraid of something too bright, the classic gray strap watch style is just a trick and it conveys an atmosphere of restrained good taste.

Today, what was new has become routine.

In general, the concept of “men’s outfit” includes not only watches, but also other forms of jewelry, such as rings, tie clips and lapel pins, as well as already recognized accessories – cufflinks and bracelets.

#7 – Men’s Steel Bracelet

Men's Steel Bracelet

The range of jewelry for men is not very large, but a constant place in it is occupied by men’s silver bracelets.

These accessories have always been considered a symbol of strength, power and bravery.

Symbolically, the bracelet covered the arm and thus saved energy for future battles.

In addition, many centuries ago, this accessory protected the hand from the sword in battles.

Today, there are a huge number of different silver bracelets, among which there are both quite modest models and luxurious bright jewelry.

It is believed that the choice of the bracelet can be judged on the person, on his occupation.

Therefore, it is better for business people to choose accessories made in a strict ascetic style.

#8 – Men’s Steel Ring

Men's Steel Ring

Men’s accessories, rings, bracelets, watches, cufflinks, tie clips, are now part of the modern image.

Silver jewelry is distinguished by its restraint and severity.

They emphasize masculine strength of character and willpower.

When choosing jewelry, you must observe the unity of style.

The uniqueness of silver is that it has no age, that is, it can be worn by both very young guys and gray-haired men.

And, most importantly, silver products are appropriate everywhere.

But still, despite this versatility, the choice of men’s jewelry should be taken seriously.

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