Winter is coming, men’s style is here: black parka jacket with fur and light blue jeans combines with steel accessories

Today’s trendsetter is behind your back on the streets.

Modern men’s fashion works wonders for everyday style of city people. Designs are free and easy, this is the whole art of combining different styles, textures, colors.

What about winter?

Men’s winter style is absolutely simple: don’t freeze to death. Piece of cake! It’s never late for some cute and warm outfits.

However, how to make you a fashionista of winter city look?

Here goes!

It’s high time to wear warm sweaters and overcoats, time for hot love and active life...and too often for...boring wardrobes. If you are looking for plum inspiration in winter essentials for men, here you are.

Let’s design your trendy style from scratch!

Today’s style hero:

  • Fabian Kitzweger – Austrian male model, men’s style blogger and traveler;
  • The number of his followers on Instagram exceeds 200 thousand – @fabiankitzweger;
  • Fabian was also awarded a title of Mister Austria 2015.

The main elements of the outfit:

Men's accessories which spice up the outfit:

Image source:

Men’s Black Parka Jacket with Fur

Men’s Black Parka Jacket with Fur

Parka Jacket is thought-out piece of your wardrobe that gives a total power to look like a million bucks.

Our main tendency is not only stylish look, but mostly is keeping warm and comfortable in outfit. Don’t give up those qualities! Luckily, parka jackets are here to solve this problem.

No matter where you’re going, black colored style suit any occasion. It’s always au courant. For you, me and anybody who wears it.

Fur collar — such an amazing trick, feel you like Jon Snow goes beyond the wall (if you catch my drift).

Men's White Long-Sleeved T-shirt

Men's White Long-Sleeved T-shirt

Man can never own enough T-shirts. Undoubtedly, one of the most essentials men’s wardrobe is a T-shirt, especially white one.

If you want to steal the show just put on white long-sleeved T-shirt under black parka. It’s awesome!

You can mix and match your rig with white T-shirt the whole year and look fresh. There are so many ways how to style these, just try something new every day.

It’s the best choice when you want to look smart but feel relaxed. One of the most basic piece of your wardrobe is a T-shirt for every season.

“I feel like my style’s always been influenced by “less is more”. The coolest styles are kind of simple and classic, like a white T-shirt and jeans. Maybe you have a cool belt and cool shoes, but everything else you keep simple.” Chris Evans.

Men's Light Blue Jeans

Men's Light Blue Jeans

Absolutely top must-haves in wardrobe are jeans. Just imagine, every year one billion pairs of jeans are sold, particularly idle light blue jeans.

There are models available for every style, budget and body shape. High-street fashion gives us opportunities to choose timeless look whatever how you style this you can work it into your closet.

So, it’s worth wearing no matter you’re headed. Denim is eternal for all seasons.

Pair it with a classic white shirt and shoes or put on a t-shirt and sneakers you have an eye for fashion, check it out!

Gray Chelsea Boots

Men's Gray Chelsea Boots

Classic and trendy in one is about Chelsea boots. This shoes makes an excellent choice for men of all ages, styles and business.

Once you choose Chelsea boots, you are already halfway to be a fashion trailblazer.

Yeah? Never going out of style.

Gray color is something real blast from the past thing, but it’s the latest rage. If you want to be dressed to the nines, you know what to do now.

Zingy life hack: choosing Chelsea boots just be certain your trousers are over the top of boots.

Men's Gray Strap Watch

Men's Gray Strap Watch

Seasons come and go, watches are everlasting. It makes men feel confident, tasteful, bright and sensible in any case.

Neutral style of grey strap watch is good choice for a metropolis male fashion.

It is the picture of masculinity, power and sense of style, translate it to everyone!

The simplicity of these accessories gives us a permission to wear it in any case and we can never go wrong with it.

Men’s Stainless Steel Necklace

Men’s Stainless Steel Necklace

For dozens of people the main question is: how to wear accessories if you are man?

Take it easy! If you delve into history, you can remember that kings and warriors wore different type of necklace, bracelets and rings.

Stainless steel necklace is your trend, your individuality, your expression, just be a fashion icon if you know how to combine accessories to your outfit.

Look at him, stainless steel necklace fits like a glove to white long-sleeved t-shirt here, it’s stylish and hot.

Sounds good, huh?

Bring out your personality with stainless accessories if you are looking for a more casual style. You’ll score bull’s eye.

Men's Stainless Steel Ring

Men's stainless steel ring

Over-accessorizing is one great problem for men’s jewelry style, but this is not the case for ring.

A little ring never killed nobody, besides, it can help your make the best effect.

Great variety of materials gives a chance to design your personal look and mood of the day.

It’s obvious that rings are beloved and trendy highlights for modern urban appearance.

If you haven’t any stainless steel ring just get it into your holiday wishlist. Be sure.

Did you like this look?

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