Men’s Winter Style: Gray Coat And Black Jeans Combined With Steel Accessories

The classic male style is changing and transforming every day.

On the streets of a bustling metropolis, it is increasingly difficult to find classic images in the usual understanding.

The images change, transform, and also pass the test of time, all this translates into a new trend of fashion — eclecticism.

As an independent clothing style, eclecticism makes it possible to avoid standard solutions through the manifestation of bold and unbridled creative fantasies.

At first glance, it may seem that there are no rules in eclecticism; in reality, this is a common mistake. This fashion involves the skillful combination of things of different styles in a given look.

Despite the lack of clear requirements and canons in eclecticism, every detail of the ensemble should sound in unison with the whole image.

See how this style fits perfectly into the vibrant city atmosphere.

Today's style hero:

  • Luke Baldman – charismatic German model and men's style blogger;
  • Luke has about 59 thousand followers on Instagram – @luke.baldman.

The main elements of the outfit:

Men's accessories which spice up the outfit:

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Men's Gray Coat

Men's Gray Coat

A gray men's coat is a practical and convenient wardrobe item that allows you to create incredibly effective images.

The gray color does not leave the trends of men's wardrobe for several seasons, at the risk of becoming a fundamental link in men's fashion.

A classic coat has the properties not only to emphasize the status of a person, but also allows you to combine different styles with yourself — street, sports, casual and others.

In combination with a base of men's wardrobe, such as a shirt, cardigan or turtleneck, you can select various options for images, both classic and street versions.

Men's Gray Turtleneck

Men's Gray Turtleneck

Turtleneck is the base of men's wardrobe.

A multifaceted tool that can sparkle with any colors in skillful hands.

A gray turtleneck fits any look, a great addition to a man’s wardrobe that adheres to an eclectic style.

Simple and understandable forms give a gray turtleneck wearing comfort, but also make it look stylish in the eyes of others.

An interesting fact about a turtleneck.

In the XXI century, the most famous was the black turtleneck Steve Jobs (Steven Jobs).

The owner of the Apple concern asked designer Issey Miyake to create a kind of uniform for him, a thing that is comfortable to wear.

The fashion designer made hundreds of black turtlenecks for Steve, which he began to wear constantly.

After the death of Jobs, the number of sales of this model increased hundreds of times.

Men's Black Jeans

Men's Black Jeans

Jeans have long been included in the undeniable base of wardrobes, both male and female.

In modern realities, it is difficult to imagine a person who would not have several pairs of jeans of different cuts, fit, and color in the smell.

Black jeans can easily replace chinos and dress pants in an office wardrobe, as well as the usual blue denim pants for every day.

Products have a different design and variable cut.

Straight or slightly narrowed models that are good on men of various ages with a standard figure have gained popularity.

Black jeans are a daring and stylish piece of any outfit. By trying to wear them once, you can no longer refuse them.

Black Chelsea Boots

Men's Black Chelsea Boots

Chelsea are short shoes with rounded toes.

They differ from ordinary boots by the absence of laces and fasteners.

The model is put on easily and quickly, and on the leg it is conveniently fixed with the help of special soft inserts, which are made of a variety of materials.

Black chelsea boots are a part of Smart Casual's look and look great with fitted chinos and a shirt.

The same pair of chelsea can be combined with both jeans and a suit.

When choosing shoes this season, we advise you to pay attention to this classic model of shoes.

Quality chelsea look amazing on the foot and combine with any style of clothing.

Men's Gray Strap Watch

Men's Gray Strap Watch

Such a detail as a watch should not only fulfill its direct function, but also be a stylish completion of the image.

We emphasize such an important detail as the color — gray, it has not come out of the fashionable colors of the male garberob for several seasons.

A watch can be made from various materials, which makes it possible for a modern man to choose what suits his look, as well as to combine various options for combining styles.

Classic gray watches add confidence to the wearer.

If you want to experiment, then the smart watch option is suitable in combination with the classic look, which will add eclecticism to the images, as well as a tribute to the street style.

Men's Stainless Steel Bracelet

Men's Stainless Steel Bracelet

Accessories made of stainless steel are more than an indicator of a person’s status.

This is how you see this world, how you want the world to see you.

A simple and concise solution can emphasize your personality and give the image completeness.

The bracelet may contain ornaments or words that are important to you, that you want to convey to the world, or the bracelet may remain concise and empty.

A bracelet is an individual completion of a style; it is not at all necessary for an image, but it is important for a man’s inner message.

Men's Stainless Steel Ring

Men's stainless steel ring

Among the trends of the coming season, men's jewelry occupy a special place.

Rings are not a frequent guest in a man’s wardrobe, but it is a ring that gives integrity to the image, especially if we are talking about eclecticism.

The ring can change the mood of the image from classic to casual.

Pay special attention to stainless steel rings, they can be combined with both strict suits and 21st century street fashion.

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