Trendy And Hot Look In Cold Winter: Brown Jacket With Light Blue Jeans, Combined With Steel Accessories

Let’s make some signature tools for your chic winter style.

It doesn’t matter what season is outside, but it’s always incredibly important what you are going to wear.

Winter is a good time to combine tight jeans with baggy sweater, colorful jacket with soothing tones sweatshirt.

Multilayering is on trend, but the main thing is to mix and match clothes as you are a fashion icon but not a scarecrow.

It’s obvious that you want to stand out in a crowd, so winter is a perfect time for experiments.

Stay fashionable and warm is our goal. If you are here in order to find some stylish inspiration for icy temperature, let’s start, no time to wait for.

Today’s style hero:

  • Luke Baldman – charismatic German model and men’s style blogger;
  • Luke has about 59 thousand followers on Instagram – @luke.baldman.

The main elements of the outfit:

Men's accessories which spice up the outfit:

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Men’s Brown Jacket

Men’s Brown Jacket

If you get used to dress in the latest fashion you need to have a jacket in the wardrobe, especially brown one, because it’s never passed.

There are so many ways you can wear it matches almost with everything. Your look can be casual and classic, sports and elegant that’s all is about one jacket.

When it’s chilly outside you can match it with a warm sweater or hoodie, than if it’s getting hot just choose some white T-shirt and you’ll look fashionable and comfortable in it.

Just believe me, in a such stylish brown jacket you’ll attract dozens of complements wherever you go.

Men's Warm White Sweater

Men's Warm White Sweater

No doubts, that sweater is an initial part of winter’s closet. Brown, blue, black, white...each person choose something for the style.

Every year different menswear brands presents new collections but sweaters are timeless and they are taking part in winter fashion shows.

Here we have a classic white round neck loose sweater. It makes a look fresh, bright and it will fit everybody.

Hardly ever you could meet a person in white sweater and it would be a boring look.

Moreover, sweater will safe from cold and baggy style made you feel comfortable and calm as you are sitting near the fireplace and watching you favorite movie.

Men's Light Blue Jeans

Men's Light Blue Jeans

Time passes denim would never lost in kaleidoscope of changing trends.

Thatch you roof before the rain begins, that’s why I hope that you already have had some pairs of jeans, if not - just do it right now.

Be sure that you’ll never make a mistake if you buy light blue jeans. First jeans were made in 1853 and till that time it has come into fashion and would never go out of it.

We suppose.

Denim perfectly matches with brown jacket, white sweater, boots and steel’re right, who am I kidding?

It suits for everything you wear.

Men's Brown Boots

Men's Brown Boots

What’s really cool with boots it is their style and comfort.

Today’s high-street fashion provides us various choice of materials, forms, types, colors and sizes.

Brown boots fits perfect to brown jacket and it would attract lots of attention in grey winter, because it looks alluring and preppy.

Let’s check out its’ practical part: brown boots are good for sleet and dirty winter.

Just imagine slush puddle and your are in it. Great picture because nobody won’t notice that boots are muddy.

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Men's Stainless Steel Ring

Men's Stainless Steel Ring

Rings can be your way of self-expression. The most popular and very common is a wedding ring, but it doesn’t matter that you ought to have only this one.

Not holding back, taking chances. Choose forms and materials, combine it, and you’ll obviously find your own style.

Just look at the photo, nothing special with rings but it is so dashing.

Modern stylists claim that there are three go-to ring style now: wedding bang, signer ring and fashion rings.

Fashion one means that it is not an obvious and simple ring but you prefer to wear it because it’s your twist.

Men’s Brown Strap Watch

Men’s Brown Strap Watch

If man wants to fulfill his look, he just can add some watch in it.

Here, in my opinion, it will be a perfect choice for brown strap watch matching to jacket and boots. You’ll never have a second chance to make a first impression.

Watches for men is more than ordinary accessories. It’s rate of wealth, value, seriousness, and of course a sense of style. Clothes do not make the man, but it makes an air of somebody’s lifestyle.

If you are looking for a new job and getting an interview just don’t forget about your watch, choose one which you may combine with different looks.

Men's Brown Strap Bracelet

Men's Brown Strap Bracelet

Based on survey conducted in 2019, more than 80% women found that man wearing bracelets!


There are various types of men’s bracelets: broad metal, strings and rope cords, rubber bands, rock&roll styled bracelets etc.

Your only problem is to choose for the style.

Here it would fit perfectly a brown strap bracelet in order to complete this casual winter look. Man can combine it with watch in a hand or separate to another one.

Chillax and make a choice!

Did you like this look?

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