Men’s Bright Winter Style: Red Coat and Gray Trousers Mixed with Dark Blue Shirt Complemented with Black Accessories

We can help you to be the coolest man in these cold times.

At all times people tried to look fashionably and nowadays is not an exception.

Handsome appearance helps to feel confident and strong so, stylish clothes is 90% of this.

Following your own men’s style including trend part in it is the best way to impress your colleagues, friends or lovers.

Winter is a time of brave actions and external transformations.

If you came here evidently you are looking for changes on the way to stylish you. It’s a right place.

Let’s begin our interesting journey to look fashionable and feel warm at the same time.

Today’s style hero:

  • Mick Brown — proud father and entrepreneur from Toronto (Canada);
  • Health and fitness enthusiast, 55 years old.

The main elements of the outfit:

Men's accessories which spice up the outfit:

Men’s Red Coat

Men’s Red Coat

You always need to remember that every men’s look in calm colors must be diluted by bright spot.

By the way, red coat will the worthy choice to this role. Men’s coat should be an inseparable part of a wardrobe, because many of them are multifunctional and may be useful in a windy autumn weather and also in snowy winter.

Don’t you have a red coat yet? Get it! You will not regret.

If you want to feel elegant you can wear a red coat with men’s white shirt and dark-blue classic jeans.

But if you are in the mood of an active daredevil it will be a brilliant idea to mix such a memorable part of an outfit with men’s light blue jeans and men’s black sneakers.

Also men’s red coat is a great choice for family of couple look. You are able to bring happiness not only to yourself, but to your loved ones too.

Men’s Dark Blue Shirt

Men’s Dark Blue Shirt

There is a stereotype that men’s shirts are not cosy to wear. Don’t believe it. You just need to pick a model and size correctly according to your measurements.

Almost every brand of men’s clothes suggests different kinds of shirts. Classical, sports, casual, black, white, plain, colourful… An ocean of offers!

But trust me: this winter the best one will be dark blue. It’s very easy to combine with all light tones, so you will never feel puzzled. And don’t forget about men’s accessories!

A black strap men’s watch would be a unique addition to the look. Although if you are not used to wear it you can try a ring made of black steel. This well-known material will give masculinity to your look.

Also men’s dark blue shirt is a win-win if you want to go to the cinema with you lover being a romantic man and to go the party intended to catch everyone’s eye. Oh, if you are on a family dinner: your mother will definitely like it!

Men's Gray Trousers

Men's Gray Trousers

Men’s gray trousers is not an usual peace of an outfit so it will suit you anyway. Be one of the few!

General colours for them are black or dark blue, thus because of the unusual tone I am sure that they are timeless yet modern.

“He is a style icon!” — this is what you will behind you back and from people around you.

Men’s trousers were invented approximately 3000 years ago to make horseback riding more comfortable and to protect legs.

Now we hardly ever use horses to reach a destination but trousers are still with us. You know yourself how stylish and convenient they are!

If you have them in gray colour it’s incredible to combine them with shining white pullover or the same plain sweater.

Men's Black Ankle Shoes

Men's Black Ankle Shoes

Like a little black dress, man should have something in ebon colour in their wardrobe too.

As you can see black is extremely popular this winter. People want to make a contrast to the environment.

Of course it affected the trends. Also men’s black shoes are easy to clean, that’s why they are widespread.

Moreover, it would be great if your men’s dark shoes are a little bit higher than usual.

In addition, this kind of men’s shoes keep your feet warm during a walk in the park and highlight the brightness of your red coat.

It’s needless to say that you can wear them with everything. Literally with EVERYTHING. Oh, okay. Now I want black ankle shoes for myself!

Men's Black Leather Belt

Men's Black Leather Belt

Men’s belts are a never-dying classic. Especially leather. Especially black.

If you are against natural products in fashion you always can replace genuine leather with leatherette.

In the end: you are true to your convictions, but still accept tons of compliments!

If you don’t have men’s black leather belt you can buy it together with a black leather wallet to make your look completed.

A winning method: let the colours of your belt and bag/wallet be the same.

Men’s Black Strap Watch

Men’s Black Strap Watch

What can do strap watch in addition to showing time and date?

Perfectly complement the look! As we already know black is always a good idea.

So, you can use this type of men’s watch, because the strap is usually removable and you are able to change anytime you want.

One time if you decided to buy men’s watch, but were baffled by a variety of them, buying a black one will always be a good choice.

Men's Black Steel Ring

Men's Black Steel Ring

The most men’s stylish winter accessories of 2019/2020 are steel ones.

Using bijou – is a binding element of every men’s fashionable outfit.

Chains, bracelets and especially men’s rings can become that necessary thing to make you look the best you can.

Successfully selected rings emphasize men’s individuality.

They are appropriate not only on the parties and informal meetings, but also in men’s office dress-code too.

Men's Black Leather Wallet

Men's Black Leather Wallet

Searching for own men’s style a wealthy man is surely directed to business accessories.

Modern collections of men’s wallets also includes conservative models.

That’s why they are the best to choose.

You have a great opportunity to find the most preferable type in many different colors.

By the way, if like black so much as me: ebon men’s wallets are the easiest to find. In all models. In almost all shops.

It was my pleasure to be your guide in the world of fashion and self-confidence. So, it’s time for you to make a singular decision!

PS: and always remember that to be modish firstly you need to be yourself.

Did you like this look?

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