Menswear Look: Black Denim Jacket, White T-Shirt, Blue Ripped Jeans and Black Vans Sneakers

A look for today is an attractive combination of black denim and blue denim.

It consists of a fancy black denim jacket, a plain white T-shirt, bold blue ripped jeans and stylish black Vans sneakers, and is complemented by a men's steel bracelet and a watch with black leather strap.

So, check this fashionable menswear look from Rowan Row Instagram.

Today's style hero:

  • Rowan Row – popular British male model and men's fashion blogger;
  • The number of Rowan's followers on Instagram is more than 1 million – @rowanrow.

Main look elements:

Men’s accessories which spice up the outfit:

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#1 – Black Denim Jacket

Men's Black Denim Jacket

Worn by a number of style-minded men since the middle of the previous century, black denim has always been fancy and stylish.

While the conventional colour of denim is blue, wearing articles of clothing made of black denim is a sort of rebellion.

The combination of black denim jacket along with blue ripped jeans makes a really good match that is certain to produce a stunning effect, particularly when combined with black Vans sneakers and a plain white T-shirt.

#2 – White T-shirt

Men's White T-shirt

A white T-shirt will be the best garment to wear with a black denim jacket.

It provides an excellent contrast to this jacket; furthermore, it will greatly emphasize the tin of your skin in summer.

Decide on the fabrics that are not harmful to your skin and that will enable you to prevent abundant perspiration.

#3 – Men's Blue Ripped Jeans

Men's Blue Ripped Jeans

Over the past years, there has been a rise in popularity of ripped jeans.

Indeed, it looks very stylish and pert, especially when combined with a black denim jacket.

Be sure to include this very type of jeans in your look!

#4 – Black Vans Sneakers

Men's Black Vans Sneakers

The American company Vans is one of the most popular manufacturers of sneakers.

It was founded as far back as fifty years ago and produces skateboarding shoes, along with similar garments.

Black Vans Sneakers make a perfect match with clothing made of denim.

#5 – Men's Steel Bracelet

Men's Steel Bracelet

As far as accessories are concerned, a steel bracelet will be the best option to append your outfit.

The bracelet will definitely add style and elegance to your look.

#6 – Watch with Black Leather Strap

Men's Watch with Black Leather Strap

Complete your look with a fancy watch with a black leather strap.

A black strap will splendidly fit the black denim jacket and the black Vans sneakers; it will also look amazingly with a steel bracelet on the other hand.

#7 – Black Steel Ring

Black Steel Ring

Chains, bracelets and especially men’s rings can become that necessary thing to make you look the best you can.

Successfully selected rings emphasize men’s individuality.

Not holding back, taking chances. Choose forms and materials, combine it, and you’ll obviously find your own style.

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