Menswear Look: Gray Jacket, White T-Shirt, Gray Trousers And White Sneakers

Today we'll consider a look somewhat unusual — it combines classic style with a casual one.

The outfit consists of a gray jacket, gray trousers, and... a white T-shirt along with white sneakers, the whole thing looking extremely fancy and original.

Indeed, nowadays eclecticism is becoming increasingly popular as people are tired of conventional sets of assumptions, they are eager to look ingenious and make an impression of an out-of-the-common person, who is not obsessed by ordinary, hackneyed paradigms.

And this outfit definitely meets their request.

Check this men's style look from Justus Frederic Hansen Instagram.

Combine usual gray-and-white in an unusual way.

Today's style hero:

  • Justus Frederic Hansen – German male model from Hamburg, a prominent men's style blogger;
  • Justus has more than 348 thousand followers on his Instagram profile – @justusf_hansen.

Main look elements:

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Men's Suit

Men's Suit

A classic gray or blue jacket is a never-out-of-date variant for business-like men who want to look bold and earnest.

Gray and blue is the best color to fit a white T-shirt so far as mixing diverse styles is concerned.

It looks really great against such a background.

No bright colors, no traditional black-and-white — just a classic gray or blue jacket and an ordinary white T-shirt.

If you're an avid mixer of styles and are fond of eclecticism, you are certain to appreciate this option.

Add a touch of elegance to the outfit by wearing classic trousers!

They are to be of the same color and style as the jacket — together they make a great tandem, looking exquisite and smart.

As concerns modern fashion, gray or blue trousers seem to be not quite popular, but actually this garment always looks marvelous, especially emphasizing your virility, no matter how old you are — 20 or 50.

What's more, with the white T-shirt above and the white sneakers below trousers look pretty unconventional and emerge as an excellent means to show your exquisite taste and unusual approach to clothing.

White T-Shirt

Men's White T-Shirt

A plain white T-shirt is known to be a unique option, which can be worn under practically any garment.

As has been mentioned, currently there is a tendency to mix different styles, producing an effect of diversity.

So, in addition to looking very fancy and peculiar with a classic gray jacket, it perfectly emphasizes the tan of your body, making one more excellent contrast.

Forget about conventional white shirts — make yourself look stylish and unusual by wearing a plain T-shirt under a jacket!

White Sneakers

Men's White Sneakers

Probably the most convenient and popular type of shoes, sneakers appear to be suitable not only to casual clothes but also to classic style, making a perfect example of mixing.

White sneakers have gained an immense popularity, and it's no surprise, them looking extremely fashionable and at the same time not fussy.

Making a good match with a white T-shirt and an amazing contrast to gray trousers along with a jacket, white sneakers are a perfect completion of this trendy and modern look.

Did you like this look?

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