Stylish men's look of a painted pink shirt and white trousers combined with black accessories

When choosing their style, all men are guided by dozens of considerations.

Naturally, the image of a man cannot consist only of those qualities that other people like.

But to help make a positive impression elements of your appearance simply must.

Especially, if we talk about communication with the fair sex.

The first impression is made by appearance with all its components. Our image will not leave indifferent not one woman.

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The main elements of a street style's outfit:

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Men's shirt with print

Shirt with print for men

A white or light blue shirt is a classic, but a shirt with a pattern looks more original.

A high-quality shirt, especially with a print, will help create a bright, interesting and even bold look.

Agree that there is enough brutality in our life, so you can experiment in clothes, move away from monotony and dilute your wardrobe with colors!

A light pink shirt with a blue and white bird print will do just fine.

Men's white pants

Men's white pants

Very often, men are wary of purchasing white trousers, considering them impractical, branded, and in some cases fanciful and pathos.

This attitude to this item of clothing is completely wrong.

Pants in white are a great option for summer, both for leisure and for the office.

In dry summer weather, they will not so much get dirty, but if you choose the right set of them and create a harmonious image, any man will look elegant and stylish in them.

This is demonstrated in today's bow.

Men's black moccasins

Men's black moccasins

Moccasins are comfortable, practical shoes, without which it is difficult to imagine today's active and fussy life.

Black moccasins are generally a versatile option that can be worn with a mass of different clothing options and look stylish, modern and fashionable.

As for the color combination, black is a universal color.

It goes well with all sorts of shades and colors.

One of the most beautiful and fashionable examples is the combination of black moccasins and pink clothes like our shirt.

Men's black belt

Men's black belt

Everyone knows that black and white blend perfectly?

According to statistics, the majority of men when choosing a belt prefer black classic belts with simple buckles.

Not surprising, because a simple leather men's black belt with an open buckle is the simplest and most elegant option that will complement any look.

Men's steel bracelet

Men's steel bracelet

If clothes are a cake, then decorations are icing on them.

And although many men refuse jewelry, there are very stylish accessories.

Men's bracelets - one of the options.

The steel bracelet is a piece of jewelry that every man can wear without feeling ill at ease.

Men's watch with black strap

Men's watch with black strap

Men are limited in accessories, so the minimum that they have fully reflects their personality, uniqueness.

Hours under the power to build or spoil any image.

The style of your watch should match the overall image.

It is the black strap watch that emphasizes all the other black details in our image.

Men's sunglasses

Men's sunglasses

In the modern world, each representative of the stronger sex wants to look stylish, in line with fashion trends.

This summer men's sunglasses will help create a personalized bow.

In addition, they will be an effective protection from bright sunlight, will help to preserve health.

Now the trend is the most different types of sunglasses.

Each representative of the stronger sex will find an accessory to his liking, pocket and texture.

It is important to select models according to the type of your face.

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