Stylish Men's Look of Army Green Coat and Ripped Jeans, Combined with Steel Accessories

Military style secured its place in the fashion world a long while ago.

As primal as humanity's urge to fight and as avant-garde as the modern ways of turning physical battlefields into intellectual combats, it firmly stands its ground and emanates strength and self-esteem.

A gulp of fresh air in this spot-on look are the accessories — the stylised military necklace, and the contrasting items of clothing — a white long-sleeved t-shirt and sneakers.

See how this look performs on the streets of a buzzing city.

Today's model:

  • Today's model, Valentín Benet, has about 315k followers on Instagram: @valentinbenet.

The main elements of the outfit:

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Men's Army Green Coat

Men's Army Green Coat

Whether made of fine, luscious wool or heavy canvas, the army green coat is a strong fashion statement of a strong man. A man who makes heads turn.

Military style no longer means prowar.

Many eco-conscious brands rely on camouflage, earthy colours — green, brown, grey — in their corporate colour scheme.

After all, the very idea of camouflage has its roots in nature, in the forest palette.

You don't have to think killing to wear army green.

Wear this coat unbuttoned — for a carefree cityfied look.

Or buttoned-up — on a cooler day or to make the look more reserved.

Buttons cannot confine man's personality.

Men's Long-sleeved T-shirts

Men's Long-sleeved T-shirts

No need for an extra tight t-shirt to show off biceps. May gym bravado be left in the gym.

Impress the cute redhead next door with a relaxed-fit, long-sleeved t-shirt — make her wonder what is underneath.

Simple yet instantly appealing, it creates an attractive and clean silhouette, without going over the top.

The colours of the t-shirt may vary: from blindingly white to the shades of blue and black. Your mood will advise you which one to choose.

Men's Blue Ripped Jeans

Men's Blue Ripped Jeans

Take a pair of new, fresh-out-of-shop blue jeans.

Smell them.

How do they smell?

Of dye, sea, sand.

Put them on, how does it feel?

Tight, thick, strong.

Now rip them good — how does it feel now?

Free. Bold. Adventurous.

Ripped jeans remind of travel, steep rocks to be conquered, wild horses to be tamed.

High tower walls to be climbed — to rescue the beautiful woman taken by a beast.

Fun fact: the oldest pair of blue Levi's, which survived to this day, was manufactured as far back as the 1890s.

The jeans are in mint condition; rumour has it, they have never been worn.

Although we advise you to choose quality brands, we definitely advise against keeping your jeans locked in a closet for over a century.

Give them a try. Put them on. Take them off. Have fun.

Men's White Sneakers

Men's White Sneakers

Crème de la crème of casual footwear: white sneakers.

Never getting boring, never going out of style.

To this look of a stylish urban vagabond, they add a tad of refined airiness and cleanliness.

Like a sugar cube in a cup of strong black tea — just a touch of white sweetness.

Men's steel necklace

Men's steel necklace

Men's jewellery is more than bling.

It is about sending a signal: who you are, what is your social status, what you think about the world, what you want the world to think about you.

This necklace is strict and concise, and it brings the whole look together.

It does not scream “bootcamp” — it claims “fortitude”.

The pendant may be carrying a meaningful lettering or be blank: the man who chooses this look does not need his blood type engraved in steel — he is memorable without any identification tags.

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