Men’s Bracelet from Beads with the Batman’s Image

Men’s Bracelet from Beads with the Batman’s Image
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Product description

This bracelet is great for movie "The Batman" fans.

The beads are made from organic grey jasper stone.

This bracelet is comfortable to wear since it has flexible elastic thread inside.

It's great for everyday wearing since grey color matches a lot of casual outfits.


Bracelet's history

Why "Batman"?

We like this guy's motivational story.

Especially we like this quote from the movie "Batman Begins" – "Why do we fall? In order to learn how to get up."

Batman is the only superhero who doesn't have super powers. Under the bat costume hides a simple person - Bruce Wayne.

In the childhood he became the witness of a traumatazing event (young boy saw his parents get killed). The child grew up with a revenge in his heart for the villans and he decided to fight the evil in Gotham city.

He became successful on his own. He exercised in order to gain stamina and strenght, he got his education to live in prosperity and worked hard for it.

All of his youth he studied criminology, martial arts and gained other skills to fight with the evil.

Physical preparation, intelligence, motivation and wealth which allowed him to use the newest technologies and drive a luxurious car - all of this are the things that help Batman fight the 'bad guys'.

It's worth mentioning one interesting and motivational quote - "There is nothing to fear but fear itself".


Bracelet's characteristics

  • Men's bracelet
  • Grey jasper stone beads
  • "Batman" image details from stainless steel 316L
  • Zircon stone
  • Flexible elastic thread inside
  • Suitable for wrist which size is 16-17 cm (6.29" - 6.69")
  • 6 months guarantee
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