Menswear Winter Look: Navy Winter Coat, Long Sleeve White T-Shirt, Blue Ripped Jeans, Grey Ankle Boots

Today we'd like to present a stylish look which comprises a navy winter coat, long sleeve white T-shirt, blue ripped jeans and grey ankle boots.

The outfit definitely draws attention and looks quite attractive and fancy, perfectly combining colours and styles.

Check this stylish look from Mr.P Instagram.

Today's style hero:

  • Mr.P – eminent German male model from Stuttgart, men’s fashion blogger;
  • Mr.P has nearly 140 thousand followers on his Instagram profile – @mr.p_0711.

Main look elements:

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Navy Winter Coat

Men's Navy Winter Coat

As cold weather begins to bite, there arises a necessity to wear something to keep you warm.

A stylish winter coat will be the most appropriate garment to fulfill both purposes – not to freeze down and produce a great impression.

Navy colour is becoming increasingly popular, and it perfectly fits the other elements of this look.

Decide on the variant to make a perfect match with the outfit – a winter coat with a hood will fit well.

Long Sleeve White T-shirt

Men's Long Sleeve White T-shirt

It’s no secret that currently plain white T-shirts are regarded as a quite stylish garment, which additionally fits a great number of different styles.

Cold weather requires warm clothing – get a T-shirt with long sleeves.

It will make a good match with the navy winter coat and blue ripped jeans.

Blue Ripped Jeans

Men's Blue Ripped Jeans

In the late 1980s, ripped jeans acquired an immense popularity during an era of hard rock/heavy metal.

The popularity persisted during the “grunge era” as well, making this type of jeans one of the fanciest trousers throughout the world, especially in the USA and the UK.

Over the recent years we’ve observed a revival of the style – currently it is considered extremely fashionable.

And it’s quite understandable – ripped jeans does look fancy and bold, challenging the conventional type.

Blue colour will be perfect for this outfit.

Grey Ankle Boots

Men's Grey Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are considered to be the dashiest style of fashion boots, being also the only kind of fashion boots that are worn by both men and women.

They have been popular since the 19th Century – even without a break.

They vary in length as well – there are ankle boots covering the lower part of the calf or skimming the ankle.

Choose the style you would like best.

Grey ankle boots look perfect under the blue ripped jeans.

Did you like this look?

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