Men's Outfit: Polka Dot Shirt, Black Jeans and Chelsea Boots

A look for today is the never out-of-date combination of black and white comprising a men's polka dot shirt and black jeans.

Chelsea boots for men will add style to the outfit, and some men's accessories will make the look really dashing. So, check this stylish look from Bruno Martins Instagram.

Today's style hero:

  • Bruno Martins – exquisite male model, style and men's fashion blogger, and influencer;
  • The number of Bruno's followers on Instagram is more than 46,000 – @brunomartins71.

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The main elements of the outfit:

Men’s accessories which spice up the outfit:

#1 – Men's Polka Dot Shirt

Men's Polka Dot Shirt

Though the polka dot pattern looks quite modern, this print has already turned two hundred years.

Polka dots gained special popularity in the second half of the twentieth century; nowadays, they now and again come into fashion as well.

Last spring, there came a new wave of popularity of polka dot, which is likely to last into the next season as well.

This print will look stunning with men's black jeans and Chelsea boots.

#2 – Black Jeans for Men

Men's Black Jeans

Black is the color to fit men's polka dot shirt.

The variant of jeans is up to you and depend on the situation – it may be regular jeans, slim fit jeans or ripped jeans.

A chain will be a great accessory to match, particularly as far as more casual style is concerned – it will look especially fancy with men's ripped jeans.

#3 – Men's Brown Chelsea Boots

Brown Chelsea Boots for Men

Chelsea boots appeared as far back as the Victorian era, they were worn in those days by both men and women.

It was Queen Victoria's shoemaker himself who designed this type of footwear.

In the past century, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were wearing them.

Over the past few years, these ankle-high close-fitting men's boots have become one of the best choices for style-minded men.

#4 – Men's Watch With Gray Strap

Men's Watch With Gray Strap

It goes without saying that a stylish men's watch is an indispensable accessory to improve any look.

As to this outfit, it makes a great match when combined with a watch with grey steel strap.

It definitely adds elegance and style to your appearance.

#5 – Men's Steel Ring

Men's silver color ring

Complete your look by wearing a men's ring to append a certain refinement to your outfit.

You may choose a steel open ring – it will look stylish and distinguished.

#6 – Men's Bracelet

Men's Bracelet

Accessories are inevitable just because they make the outfit look finished.

A bracelet is an individual completion of a style; it is not at all necessary for an image, but it is important for a man’s inner message.

Your only problem is to choose for the style.

#7 – Men's Sunglasses

Men's Sunglasses

Add some accessories to complete your look.

Make your outfit luxurious by wearing sunglasses, which will keep your sight clear and your look stunning.

Decide on the type to match your look best; black round men's sunglasses will do well.

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