Black Menswear Combination: Black Shirt, Black Jeans, Black Boots

Today's look presents a brilliant example of outfit for earnest yet style-minded men.

Check this dashing men's look from Tobias “Tobilikee” Instagram. Combine black, black… and black.

Today's style hero:

  • Tobias "Tobilikee" – famous German model and men's fashion blogger;
  • Tobias has almost 260 thousand followers on Instagram – @tobilikee.

The main elements of the outfit:

Men’s accessories which spice up the outfit:

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#1 – Men's Black Shirt

Men's Black Shirt

Classic men's black shirts look chic with every occasion and event.

Though looking rather austere, a black shirt is the quintessence of elegance and stylishness.

It looks especially fancy when the other items of clothing are also black.

A lustrous black shirt will produce a peculiarly stunning effect when combined with black regular or slim fit jeans and black Chelsea boots.

#2 – Black Jeans

Men's Black Regular Jeans. Black Slim Fit Jeans

Having appeared as far back as a century and a half ago, these trousers made of denim have been certainly one of the most popular types of trousers all over the world.

They are known to be typically blue, but there are, in fact, a great variety of colours for jeans.

As far as our outfit is concerned, black jeans are the necessary item to create this look.

You may decide on between regular jeans and slim fit jeans – both variants will do.

Choose the type depending on the occasion.

#3 – Men's Black Chelsea Boots

Men's Black Chelsea Boots

These ankle-high close-fitting boots have become extremely trendy over the past few years.

Particularly, in the late spring there was an incredible rise in popularity of these fancy boots, though they were actually designed in the middle of the XIX century.

They were very popular in the late century as well, being worn by such outstanding people as Jean Shrimpton (one of the world's first supermodels), The Rolling Stones, and even The Beatles.

Black Chelsea boots will be the best variant for this outfit.

#4 – Men's Bag

Men's Bag

Now it's time for accessories.

A black leather bag is an excellent complement to your exquisite look.

It'll perfectly fit your black shirt, jeans and boots, and will add elegance and style to your “austere” look.

Some other fabrics are also possible, but leather is sure to make the greatest match with your look.

#5 – Men's Black Leather Belt

Men's Black Leather Belt

Men’s belts are a never-dying classic. Especially leather. Especially black.

If you are against natural products in fashion you always can replace genuine leather with leatherette.

In the end: you are true to your convictions, but still accept tons of compliments!

If you don’t have men’s black leather belt you can buy it together with a black leather wallet to make your look completed.

A winning method: let the colours of your belt and bag/wallet be the same.

#6 – Black Steel Ring

Black Steel Ring

Chains, bracelets and especially men’s rings can become that necessary thing to make you look the best you can.

Successfully selected rings emphasize men’s individuality.

Not holding back, taking chances. Choose forms and materials, combine it, and you’ll obviously find your own style.

#7 – Black Leather Strap Watch

Men's Black Leather Strap Watch

For completing your look, add the necessary accessory – a watch, of course.

It must be a watch with black leather strap; it'll suit you perfectly and will look very stylish.

#8 – Sunglasses for men

Men's Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses will protect your sight from the sun and make your outfit look more stylish.

Choose the most suitable variant to match your articles of clothing and a bag – for example, black square sunglasses are most likely to look especially great with your outfit.

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